When it comes to the workplace, a client’s first impression is everything. No matter your industry, a well-built space tells the story of the business inside it. At HAGGERTY, it’s our goal to provide beautiful and quality workmanship that properly reflects our clients and their business. From handshake to hard hat, we support our clients every step of the way.

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HAGGERTY wants to build the walls where our community’s children pin their pictures to. Often, when we work on a school, it’s our children who are the ones attending—so it’s only natural that we make it a priority that they’re up-to-date, up-to-code, and ultimately safe for every child attending. No matter what educational facility we work on, every move is made with care. School is where some of our earliest stories are born, after all. 

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We strive to be involved in our communities—and being able to work on government projects is one of the rewarding ways in which we can be. We give our expertise back to the community, not only building on their efficiency, but also enjoying the pride we feel by working in tandem with crucial fields like police departments and transportation. By promoting a more productive workplace, we find our own role in the story of these community beacons.

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Industrial facilities are the backbone of every business—including ours. That’s why we do our best to meet our clients at the crossroads of their vision and our own know-how. Being centered in a transportation hub like San Joaquin County has given us the opportunity to work on countless exciting and significant industrial facilities that affect business where we live and thrive.

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7 Signs It’s Time For a Commercial Remodel

7 Signs It’s Time For a Commercial Remodel When’s the last time you’ve been to a property and felt like you’ve time-traveled to the past? Chances are your answer is probably quite a few times. The truth is that commercial property remodels don’t happen as often as one would probably like—but when they do, they Continue Reading