7 Signs It’s Time For a Commercial Remodel

7 Signs It’s Time For a Commercial Remodel

When’s the last time you’ve been to a property and felt like you’ve time-traveled to the past? Chances are your answer is probably quite a few times. The truth is that commercial property remodels don’t happen as often as one would probably like—but when they do, they can make a huge difference in the way that you present yourself to your clientele. 

Remodeling a property goes beyond having a new look; it also portrays a sense of modernization to your community and can make you stand out amongst your competitors. 

But what are the signs that it’s time to remodel your commercial property?

There are a variety of signs to look out for, and when you spot them, it’s highly recommended to schedule a remodel.

1. You Notice Major Property Differences Between Your Competitors And You

If you visit your competitors’ properties and can tell that they’ve recently remodeled, or just look newer than your property, then it’s a good time to look into remodeling as well. If there aren’t many differences, and it seems like your competitors have yet to remodel, then you should consider it still, as it’ll help you stand out.

You Wish You Had More Space Available

If you find yourself wishing that you had more space for more of your inventory or furniture, then a remodel may help. You’d be surprised at how it could help you use your existing space in a more efficient way.

Employee Morale Is Low

If your employees aren’t happy to go to work each day in an environment that seems like it’d be thriving elsewhere, it may be that your property needs some renovation work. If you hear complaints about property issues all the time, it’s definitely a big sign that a remodel should happen as soon as possible. 

A recent study from Salem University found that employees can exhibit higher performance and productivity in a workplace that has improved their physical environment. They found that there are factors such as the renovation of space and colors throughout the property that can improve workers’ performance. 

Think about it—if you were an employee, wouldn’t you be happy to go to work at a modern workplace versus one that hasn’t been remodeled in so many years? It also shows that you as an employer want to provide your employees with a safe and aesthetically-pleasing workplace.
Employees spend a good part of their day in the workplace, so it makes sense why they would want it to be a great physical environment.

Your Property Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

If you’ve recently rebranded, it’s important that your property also reflects this as your clientele will quickly take note of it when they visit your location. In order for your rebrand to be fully reflected throughout the company, your business space has to align with it. This is also a perfect time to use elements of your new branding on your property to familiarize your customers with the new brand style.

You’d Prefer Not To Meet At Your Property

If you find yourself not wanting to schedule meetings with your clientele at your property, then there’s likely something wrong with it. By remodeling your property, you’ll be able to have a meeting room or two. This ensures that your business matters are not taken far from you. It’s also your opportunity to show them that you really value your business—something that they’ll be able to tell from seeing the conditions that your property is in. 

You Can’t Keep Up With Business Growth

Sometimes, your business might grow quickly and hence more space will be needed to keep up with the growth. Of course, sometimes you might have to look into having another property, but a good place to start is by remodeling your property to maximize your current location’s space. It might just take that to help you keep up with your current growth.