HAGGERTY wants to build the walls where our community’s children pin their pictures. When building for education, you need a special set of skills; including effective budgeting, partnership building and public safety. It is our goal to provide our commuities children with a safe and structurally sound workplace.


School Buildings

When we build a school, we make sure to be conscious of quality above all else. We aim to provide little disruption, as we understand the importance of education. Prioritizing deadlines is an integral part of the building process as we can ensure that the classes that will be utilizing the space can start on schedule.

Sports Facilities

When it comes to education, athletics are a critical part of a healthy experience. Gymnasiums, pool facilities, and fields are important for young minds and bodies that require activities in order to stay both physically and mentally fit. We put just as much care into these facilities as we do the school buildings themselves.


  • Certified payroll capabilities
  • Site safety
  • Thorough training, scope schedule, and budget control systems