We see a lot of jobs from start to finish. Many times, large-scale construction projects will come with a contractor to oversee work. However, they can also receive work from subcontractors, who are themselves under contract to the contractor. With so many lines of communication, and so many specialists involved in the process, we strive to provide subcontractors that espouse our narrative of telling client stories through efficient and quality work. 

Although the contractor takes prime responsibility for the project, they rely on accurate bids from subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers, drywall installers, roofers, et cetera. These bids must then be followed up with expertly-handled work, seeing as the contractor is trusting the subcontractor to do their job to the letter. 

No matter the client, whether a business or a contractor, HAGGERTY will always put an emphasis on expediency and client satisfaction. We want to foster strong relationships in the industry so that we are viewed as a trusted source of construction, restoration, maintenance, and advice.